It's the hardest thing trying to make connections with other people during the school year. I don't have time to get with people all the time. When I make plans to do something on the weekday after-school or the weekend, it feels like I don't have any weekend AT ALL!

These days, I have been remise in visiting my grandfather. I like visiting, but when we do visit, we are there for HOURS! That's even if we visit regularly... With Aiden, I just feel like I have a ticking time bomb! Like most kiddos, Aiden doesn't really lay down when he's not at home. He like a little energizer bunny when we are out and about.

I'm sure it just sounds like excuses, but it's how I feel. I wish that for the 9 months school is in session, I could just create a twin me and fulfill all my obligations that way.

I don't know how the summer will be with me working summer school, taking a reading seminar, and tutoring p/t. I might just feel the same way . . .

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Mrs. H. said...

I totally understand. My suggestion would be to visit as early in the day on Saturday as possible, like 11am. That way a large portion of your weekend is still preserved for your leisure. He so misses you, Arik, and the boyz.


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