Birthday Celebration

I'm sure you've all been dying to find out how the 10th birthday picnic went this past Saturday... I'll tell you.


The theme was Super Mario Bros. and it was at the Wyandotte County Park - NOT to be confused with Wyandotte County LAKE Park! There was food, decorations, friends, family, and fun! Here are some pix of the monumental event:
The group shot of silliness -

I really like this picture. It makes me think of the untouchables or something-

Here is Aiden playing a game of Frisbee with Jordan -

This is the rockstar cake provided by the Wal-Mart Supercenter. I just gave the lady some figurines and a place mat and said make me something cool. The only thing I came up with was the saying, "Happy 10th Power Up."

Dillon and Andrew. They have been friends since birth. Andrew was two weeks late coming into this world. Once he was out, we took a trip to KC (Andrew was born in Arkansas) and Dillon was born a week early. It was fate that they would grow up together. Look at how well they compliment each other!

But, it was in their genes. Look at how well the mom's go together!

There were plenty of kiddos at the picnic. We played dodge ball, frisbee, botchee ball, bubbles, and balloon races. It was a blast! Things really kicked off at 1:30 and we weren't done until 6 pm. Andrew made out like a bandit. He got $50 in cash, a couple gift cards, Nintendo DS games, Wii games, clothes, Bionicles, art supplies, and the front tire of his bike fixed and tons of fun and excitement!

Thanks to everyone who participated in celebrating Andrew's and Dillon's 10th birthday.

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