No, really, it's the truth!

So, Monday rolls around and I promised the boys that I would cook lasagna. I had asked Arik to stop off at the store and get eggs for dinner and for our post Easter egg coloring.

Arik points out to me that it was the 1st time I cooked anything in 2009. He commenced to let me know that he was going to savor every minute... I'm a little spoiled! Arik and Andrew were super excited about me cooking. Does this mean that Andrew is going to grow up deprived because his mother didn't cook like other mothers?

So, we hoovered dinner because it was SOOOOOOO good. My lasagna is fantastic! I have to give props to my mom for sharing the recipe. She taught me how to make lasagna when she came to Arkansas to await the birth of Andrew Kahlil.

After dinner, there really wasn't anytime to color eggs. What a bummer. . . . But, the bright side is that I cooked for the 1st time this year. Perhaps I'll make a habit of it.

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