Easter Sunday

We were really low key for Easter. On Saturday, Granny brought over some goodies for the boys and a carrot cake for the adults.

She bought Aiden this crazy rabbit that sings and hops when you push his paw. Aiden was a maniac! He was bouncing all around and bobbing his watermelon head all over the place. It was really cute, actually. Andrew got some candy, candy and more candy.

As for Sunday, I would like to say we went to church and worshipped out little hearts out about the rising of Jesus Christ, BUT. . . we didn't. We had a nice quiet day at home. The "Easter Mummy" brought baskets for the boys and they were entertained by candy filled eggs, toys, and paper confetti.

We were going to dye eggs, but being the slacker mommy that I am, the eggs in the fridge were expired. I went to Target to get more, but apparently I didn't get the memo that Target was closed to observe the holiday.

Since when has Target closed to observe Easter Sunday? I've heard of them closing early, but to not even OPEN? Really???? So, we didn't get to dye eggs on Easter. We did dye eggs eventually.

So, the holiday for us was a nice, quiet day at home. Happy Easter . . .

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Mrs. H. said...

I love watching Aiden try to jump like Peter Cottontail. He just doesn't seem to get any ground clearance though. Andrew was very generous with his treats. I enjoy interacting with the boys so much. looking forward to Andrew birthday party.


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