2008 Year End Review

Well, 2008 has come to an end. There have been plenty of things to blog about. Here's a recap from January all the way to December.

January -
I was fresh off maternity leave. Aiden was still a little bundle; almost 3 months to be exact. Arik and Andrew were just being boys. Ginger was diagnoised with Epilepse (sp). We found out shortly after midnight on New Year's Day, in fact.

February -
I found out my best friend got a tatoo, and it wasn't because she told me - I just saw it on her back! It was a shocker for me.

March -
It was my birthday month. I turned 29 years old. Wow!
Aiden rolled over for the 1st time and started eating solids. Yay!

April -
I was feeling super creative and decided to blog about the beginning of Arik and my's love story. Here's a blurb. You can find the rest on my MySpace blog.

Our past is the foundation of what we have today; a house, two wonderful
children, a dog, our way of life as we know it. He accepts me for who I am – a
bug fearing, non-cooking, pile making woman. Each and every day that I look into
those beautiful blue eyes, my heart melts. This is the boy that I pledge my
heart to without my eyes ever gazing upon his face. I knew that I loved this man
the moment my heart skipped that important beat, when my soul went topsy-turvy,
when the first time we hugged, he felt right. In that first moment he hit the
send button, with his words came my happiness and that was the beginning of us.
. .

May -
Andrew turned 9 years old this month. We celebrated by having a birthday picnic at the park with the Rowlands. Other children actually came this year. Usually, it's just Andrew, the Rowland 3 and a couple cousin kids. We actually had a party!
Aiden's 1st tooth popped in this month. He's growing up!
We also bought a new minivan. Sadie's a 2008 Chrysler Town and Country. A minivan was the best route to go because we were road tripping it to Canada to visit the family.

June -
I jump on the Master's degree highway, while on a 2 week vacation to Canada! We spent some quality time with Arik's family. Hung out with the Ashby's and the Bradner's. Did some sight-seeing: Uncle Tom's Cabin, the Toronto Zoo. We also stopped in Indianapolis, IN for a bit. Had a nice time being a family.

July -
Arik turned 33 this year. He started noticing the gray hairs in his beard and on top of his head. I really didn't have the heart to tell him they were there when he was 32, 31, and that there were a few there when he was 30...
Arik also spent LOTS of time watering the grass. We had some landscaping done (finally) and grass seed was put down. Arik took many trips to Lowe's trying to work out the sprinkler situation. It was his project.
Andrew went to Nature DayCamp and learned all about birds and stuff. He had some archery time and got to spend the night at the library and have all sorts of fun.
We also celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. Our anniversary is the same day as Arik's birthday. It's just in keeping with my princess theme. I still get a present on his birthday...

August -
Andrew started the 4th grade this year. He's really growing up. It's amazing! I started teaching at a new school, with a new grade - 1st. It's an adjustment, but it's closer to home. Gotta love that.
My cousin, Jamille got married! Andrew and I were in the wedding. I was the Matron of Honor and Drew was an usher! What a great time we had celebrating Jamille's and Jebel's love. We partied all night . . .

September -
Aiden started walking! He became mobile. What a wonderful time for the baby, um, toddler. Just seeing the joy on his face at his ability to get the things that used to be out of his reach. We were all so happy for him and his accomplishments.

October -
Aiden turned 1 year old this month! It was great. His theme was Monkeys and we had quite a few children show up for the party. It was a finger food feast! Arik whipped out his culinary skills and fed about 30 people. Aiden had an allergic reaction to the dye in the cake frosting and his nose and cheeks turned bright red.
Aiden also started going to a daycare, and not just Auntie Noel's house. He fit right in and started having fun. I was a wreck!
Halloween was fun. Andrew was Anakin Skywalker and Aiden was a big pumpkin. They got TONS of candy while trick or treating. The one thing we didn't get to do this year was go to the pumpkin patch. So sad....
Andrew had lunch with the Superintendent for reading over 1500 pages! There was a shift in Drew's attitude about reading. He told me that he got it, the need for reading. I was just so glad!

November -
Thanksgiving was at my house again this year. We all pack into my little house, eat and be merry.
Arik bought me an early 10 year anniversary gift - and new wedding ring and I absolutely adore it! I'll be thanking him for the next 8 months.

December -
Michelle graduated from Lincoln University. It was a great day for the family! She also moved into our basement. She's deciding on what she wants to do with her life - grad school, get a job, who knows? She's young and has plenty of time to find herself.
We had Christmas over at my Pa-paw's house again this year. It really makes that old man happy to have a full house during the Christmas holiday. We had a sleepover and Santa visited his house to deliver gifts. We woke up and exchanged presents, then we had a big family breakfast. Everyone in the basement to eat egg casserole, sausage, potatoes, biscuits, ham, and drinkables. It was a great day!
For the 1st time in 9 years, my siblings and I had pictures taken. In addition to that, the Bradner family posed for their updated photo. Be on the lookout for yours...

Currently, it is New Year's Eve and we are watching the festivities on television and eating our late night snacks. Watching and waiting for 2009 to make it's presence known. Another year gone by full of milestones. I can't believe that I have such a wonderful life. Yes, my sons may drive me crazy more times than not, but I don't think I would have it any other way. I don't mind being crazy and having to deal with all the nonsense. If being a mom is a bunch of nonsense, then bring it on!

Here's to wishing you and yours a VERY prosperous 2009, filled with lots of love and laughter.

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