Let Him Speak

Some words that Aiden can say:
  • purple
  • blue
  • yellow
  • drink
  • thank you
  • love you
  • mama
  • dada
  • Gigi (Ginger)
  • bye-bye
  • bite
  • up
  • down
  • book
  • hi
  • dog
Some words Aiden can sign:
  • milk
  • drink
  • sleepy
  • go
  • home
  • eat
  • bye-bye
  • kiss
We still have a way to go with the communication. He likes to toss himself on the floor and roll all around when he doesn't get his way. It's hard to get him to talk, sign or show us what it is that he wants when he gets like that. We'll work on it though

Other things about my little monkey:
  • favorite fruit - bananas
  • favorite things to play with - remotes, Wii controllers, cameras, cell phones (pretty much anything electronic) and pots and pans
  • Likes watching Pinky Dinky Doo
  • Likes to read books
  • Likes to rock in his rocking chair
  • LOVES his pacifier - this might be a problem in a little bit...

Just thought I'd write about Monkey's vocabulary and favorite things. We are at home (minus Mr. Bradner), watching a new Pinky Dinky Doo and playing with our toys; a nice leisurely morning with my boys...

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