R.I.P Green Machine

Can I just say he went quickly. I don't even think he saw it coming, BUT Andrew did and he didn't do anything until it was too late!
It's 4:4o pm. I'm jumping into Sadie MV to go and get Aiden from school. Here are the things I noticed: Andrew is outside playing with his friend, Arturo; Arturo has brought his scooter over and it's laying in the spot that Michelle parks her car in. Everything else is clear. I get in and put the key in the ignition, look over my shoulders to make sure it's still clear.

Now, Sadie MV came with a nifty rearview camera (which I don't use often). This was a time when I should have checked the screen!

Andrew and Arturo are standing at the end of the driveway, off to the side. Neither boy is making a move for anything. I continue to back up and all of a sudden I hear this crunch, followed by a long grind. I throw the MV into drive to pull forward. Once I park, Andrew and his friend come running up to the MV.

Drew bends down to get something and in the rearview mirror, I see his green bike in his hands. The front tire is all twisted and mangled.

Andrew: MOM!

Me: What the h*ll? Why didn't you say anything? You saw me getting in the
van and you didn't do anything!

Andrew: I didn't know you were going somewhere.

Me: That's a lie. You watched me get in and start the car! What the h*ll!
Oh, well. Too bad for you....
I then drive off to get Monkey-boy.

When I get back home, Arturo quickly runs to get his scooter out of the way as I pull into the driveway (guess he isn't a dummy, he's a keeper).

So, you wanna see what the bike looked like after the run in with Sadie MV? It didn't make it. Sadie's okay, though and that's all that matters...

Now, I'm not blaming Andrew completely. I suppose I should have walk around the MV to make sure that it was all clear. You know, like they taught you in Driver's Ed, but I guess I was just being lazy. Andrew was also being lazy. He just stood that and didn't try to save his bike at all! Not to mention, I tell him not to lay his bike behind the cars ALL THE TIME!

Oh, well, R.I.P. Green Machine, R.I.P. If you would like to make a donation to Andrew's bike fund, send me an email and I'll give you our address. Let me tell you, that is the ONLY way he is going to get another bike outta me!

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