Family Picture Day

Today we had an appointment for family pictures at 10:20 am. We were taking pictures for my mom's Christmas gift. Steffon, Michelle and I haven't had a picture together in about 9 years and it is time for the Bradners to update their family portrait. So, Arik, Andrew, Steffon, Aiden, Michelle and myself all piled into Sadie Town & Country and drove to the portrait studio.

It was another harried morning getting up and getting everyone ready. I like for us to coordinate somewhat. The colors were dictated by what Aiden wore. He had on a navy shirt with the colors green, red, sky blue, and white incorporated into it. We could pick any of those colors and the one unifying thing we had on were jeans - light to medium blue color.

Michelle wore a navy shirt. Andrew wore a navy shirt with red, sky blue and white stripes. Arik wore a green shirt with cream horizontal stripes. Steffon wore a light blue shirt with a gray shirt underneath. His shirt had some star designs on the front of it. I wore a white shirt with a green, button up sweater over it.

I have to say that I think we all looked stunning, despite the fact that I had to put my make-up on in the car and we were about 10 minutes late for our appointment. We had poses of:
  • me, Steffon, and Michelle
  • Andrew and Aiden
  • Andrew
  • Aiden
  • Michelle and me
  • Arik, me, Andrew and Aiden
  • me, Andrew and Aiden
  • Arik, me, Michelle, Steffon, Andrew, and Aiden

I would have liked to had poses of the following, but we went to JCPenney and they have a limit as to how many shots in a session (30 total):

  • Arik, Andrew, Steffon, and Aiden
  • Arik, Andrew, and Aiden
  • Michelle and Steffon
  • Michelle
  • Steffon
  • Michelle, Andrew and Aiden
  • Steffon, Andrew and Aiden
  • Arik and myself

After looking at all the photos, I picked the ones I liked the best and placed an order for them. Once we got to the register, I had Michelle talk me into just buying the rights to all the photos for $100, instead of spending $200 on pictures that the store prints. With the rights, I can just do what I want and have the ones I want printed in the sizes that work best for my needs.

Everything will be back on January 7th. I'll pick them up after I get off work. I'll share when I get something. Oh how I love family picture day...

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