Precautions before I turn 30

So, this past Sunday I was out with Noel. We were celebrating her 30th birthday. We had Linner at Sweet Tomatoes and did a little shopping at Oak Park Mall.

Well, on a whim, I signed Noel up for a makeover at Bare Escentuals. We had a couple of very knowledgeable young ladies. They made us look fantastic! I didn't get any photos of our before and after, but we looked darned good!

Well, we splurged and bought each other birthday/Christmas gifts - the Get Started Kit. I have been getting up and applying this makeup every day this week. I have gotten tons of compliments from the children and the other staff.

I must admit that the makeup feels nice and helps to even up my skin tone. I was using Mary Kay products, but since Aiden, my skin has changed and it wasn't as effective as before the baby. I have been floundering around searching for something that did what I needed it to do. So far, so good.

The one thing that I am really offended by is the fact that I had to pay more for my Get Started kit because I am black. Bare Escentuals doesn't make a ready made kit for people with darker tan complexions. They had to sell me a tan kit with an additional darker tan foundation. They took $10 off the $25 price tag.

That to me is craptacular! Just because you have to rig something up to fit my needs, you shouldn't charge me for it. You should eat the cost of having to sell me a color that isn't in the kit (but is bigger than the ones in the kit). Paying $15 MORE because I am black....dericulous! I just might have to write the company on that one...

The makeup does make me look nice, though. I am going to have to talk to my cousin, Jamille and see if she can get me a discount on some makeup. LOL

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