Just The Little Things

This evening, Aiden was in my bedroom playing with Andrew's ATM while I was trying on some jeans from Old Navy. Well, he noticed that there were some clothes on the floor.

He disappears for a minute or two, then comes back with a hanger from his bedroom. He picks up a pair of jeans off the floor and tries to put them on his hanger!

I was really amazed and wishing that I had my new camera to capture the moment forever. But, alas, I didn't...

Aiden does that kind of stuff all the time - trying to put on his own socks and shoes or coat. Sometimes he grabs a magnet off the fridge and tries to get it to stick to different things in the house. Plus, he is ALWAYS trying to get his hands on something electronic - remote, cell phone, camera, video games, etc.

Today, Andrew and I were having a Brain Age battle and Aiden was so trying to get in on the action. His big ol' head was tilted sideways and watching intently. He was mimicing the two of us writing on the screen and giggling when we giggled. It was very cute!

What great times....

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