As I was picking Aiden up from school today, he impressed me with his vocabulary once again. I know to most this will seem so ordinary, but what I hear are harmonious music notes.

I walked downstairs and looked through the window of Aiden's classroom. He was naughing on a rubber pizza. He got so excited when he saw me that he tried to crawl on top of the table.

I walked into the room and he ran to me and gave me the biggest hug. As I picked him up, he turned to Ms. Janet and waved his little hand at her and said "bye-bye." I was so impressed. He has only said bye up until this point. It sounded wonderful!

He kept on saying it, too. All the way out the door, up the stairs and out the building. I am so impressed with him and his growth. His brain is fantastic!

He knows what a book is and can go get one for you to read if you ask him too. He gives the best hugs. When you pat or rub his back, he do the same to yours. He'll put his little head on your shoulder and rub your back in small circles.

Aiden likes to rock these days. The other day, he plopped his little tush on top of his shape sorter lid and started rocking back and forth. It was darling. Arik, Andrew and I all laughed about it. Tonight, Andrew let Aiden use his Little Tikes rocking chair (Drew uses it as a video game chair). Aiden had a great time climbing in and out of the chair all evening long. I think he'll be getting rocker of his own for Christmas...

Anyway, it's really just so amazing how the boys are growing up so fast. Aiden and all his milestones. Andrew and all his pre-tween attitude. I am NOT looking forward to those teenage years.


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