Monkey See, Monkey Doesn't Do...

Well, Aiden woke up today feeling very cuddly. Now, by nature, he is a lovable, cuddly little kissy face, but he was super cuddlesome today.

Come to find out, he had a temperature of 102. He would just watch, but wouldn't do a thing you tried to get him to do. He just about took a 3 hour nap this afternoon. He isn't keen on eating too much and he just wants to be loved on. He actually tried to get me to nurse him this evening. That was a NO-GO! We only nurse once a day - 1st thing in the morning.

Once he got some medicine in his monkey system, he was all good. He's walking around and sharing his toys, playing with Andrew, getting into stuff.

A sicky baby presents us with a dilemma. As a teacher, I can't just call in. First, I have to call in to the Subfinder and report my absence. Then, I have to make sub lesson plans because you can't just leave your regular plans (they won't get done because subs are notorious for NOT getting things done). Finally, I have to pray that there is a sub available (there is a shortage - especially in WYCO; no one really wants to sub in WYCO.). If I don't get a sub by chance, other teachers in the building are up crap creek! My class would have to be split into 2 groups or 3rds (teachers would get sub pay, but 5-10 extra kiddos in your class isn't great) and that would make for a very hairy day. Besides, me being off the first day of a short week is setting the children up for disaster. They are already unstable for the fact that winter break is fast approaching. Anything out of the ordinary would just require them to be crazy!

Arik on the other hand, has vacation time, but because his company accrues time differently that most, he can't tell me if he has enough time to cover being off. He doesn't know how much time he's used or how much time he has left. What to do???

I don't know what to do. I don't want to be one of those parents who sends their child to daycare KNOWING he's sick, doping him up on some Tylenol and praying it doesn't wear off until the end of the day. Where is stay-at-home grandma when you need her????

I'll let you know what type of mom I am tomorrow.

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