I have fallen in love.

Today was a wonderful day at school. Even though I am absolutely burned out on college courses and Andrew is really giving us a run for our money with school - assignments and behavior (more on that later), it was a very good day.

The morning was as it always is: morning meeting, restroom break, ADD, Animated Literacy, Reading Block, and Math Investigations II, it was after lunch that things really started getting fun.

The kiddos were excited because we were going to have indoor recess. We do a little rapping about the vowel sounds, take our spelling test and go to our special - Music. When we get back into the classroom, we have 15 minutes of learning disguised as great fun. We play a very intense game of Beat the Teach (had to find ALL the vowels in the passage in this installment). The students were all sad because I won 16 to 1.

So, to cheer them up, I let them do some singing and dancing and get them crossing their body line of symmetry. We pretended to be trees blowing in the wind very quickly and then we did blowing in the wind slowly. They were all excited about the quickly part. When we get to the slowly part, one of my students just blurts out, "ah, man! This one's not good!" The whole class just starts cracking up! It was his timing that was so great. We just couldn't stop laughing.

It was a that moment that a light bulb came on in my brain. I love 1st grade! I know, I know. It's not kindergarten, but I love it. I still adore my little Kindies, but 1st grade is on my list of things I love too. I don't love it more than kindergarten. They are loved equally, just in different ways.

I have a great class. They talk too much, but their mine and I'm theirs. I love'em!

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you've started to enjoy your 1st graders. They are lucky to have you and you're good for them.


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