Weening Time

Well, yesterday, I decided to take another feeding time away from Aiden. He will, now, only nurse 1st thing in the morning and right before bed.

I got home from work yesterday and he was signing to "drink milk." I had to be strong and not give in. Instead, we went to the kitchen and made a bottle of formula. He seemed pretty excited about that (that's what happens at Aunt Noel's house). He drained the whole 6 oz. and started signing, "more milk" again. I refused and he started head butting my chest. That's what he does when he doesn't get his way...

I didn't give in, and he realized that he wasn't going to win. He eventually did stop with the head butting and started making his laps around the livingroom floor.

Here's my plan:

2 weeks of 2 nursing times (morning and before bed)
2 weeks of 1 nursing time (right before bed)
2 weeks of no nursing (all cup/bottle only)

We'll have about a week of playtime, if something should go wrong. But, I only have 7 weeks of estrogen only pills and once those are gone, it's back to the regulars. I can't nurse Aiden once I switch over to those. They're not good for him - they are secreted through the breast milk. Anyway, we'll see how well this works out.

6 days until Aiden turns 1. Check your emails for an e-vite. Sunday, October, 19th at 2:30 is when the magic will take place. Be there or be square...

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