Wedding Bliss

Well, my favorite cousin in the whole world, Jamille, got married on August 30th. It was beautiful ceremony. The colors were lavender, chocolate and cream. I had a pretty big part in the wedding. I was the matron of honor. I got to fuss over her dress, be keeper of the groom's ring until the right moment, and give a kick a$$ speech at the reception. I also got the chance to throw Jamille a bridal shower. My great idea was to have a 1154 LILL STUDIO representative come to the house so that others could share in the joy of creating custom handbag, etc.

Go to this site - http://www.1154lill.com/home/ for some handbag fun. Here is a picture of Jamille at her bridal shower:

You can choose the fabric on the wallet and the bags that surround her. They provide the layout, you choose the color scheme! Jamille chose the wallet and a purse. I can't remember the fabrics she chose, but they were darned cute. She promised to post pix of her finished product. I bought a wallet and a purse, too.

Anyway, below are the bridesmaids two nights before the wedding:

Here we are the day of the wedding. I am on the left.

Here is a funny photo for your pleasure . . .

It was a great day with many wonderful signs that this union was meant to be. There was a caterpillar present at the presenting of the broom for jumping, there was a butterfly on the amythest stone that the pastor used in his speech, the day was perfect for an outdoor wedding, etc. Signs everywhere. It was a great day.

Andrew was in the wedding. He was an usher and ended up passing out programs to the guests. It was so funny! He is so skinny that even though we went and had him measured, the waist of his pants was too big. Arik ended up rigging up his pants and that resulted in a "flood."

And since the boys don't dress up too often, Drew had on dark pants and WHITE socks. Can you say, "Billie Jean is not my lover?" It was hilarious! I wish I had gotten a picture, but, alas, I did not. You'll just have to use your imagination.

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