Welcome to 1st Grade!

Today was the end of day 16 in Mrs. B's 1st grade classroom. I came to the conclusion that I do not really like 1st grade. I do not like 1st grade for the simple fact that they are in limbo. They know too much to know nothing, but they don't know enough to know everything.

50% of the time, I ask them to do something and they can do it, but 100% of the time, they aren't listening to me the first time I ask them to do something! WTF????!! It's such a love/hate relationship!

I think I finally have my classroom layout. I have changed my students' desk about 4 times since school has started (remember, it's only been 16 days).

In the morning, I have NO break from my students and everyday in the afternoon, I have at least 30 minutes away from them. The catch is, their specials are right at the end of the day! It is crazy trying to get the students from specials to the classroom and ready to go when they start dismissal. And, yes, we do get ready before we go to specials classes. It's just that we are in the 1st grade . . .

Here are the before pictures:

My classroom door -

The innerts -

I have TWO windows in my classroom that overlook the playground.

Here are the after pictures:

My classroom door -

The classroom WORD WALL and my brand new
rolling easel. It was expensive, but I LOVE IT!!-

The overhead and my desk area -

Our calendar/classroom meeting area-

Overall, school is okay. I am really working my tail off! I am used to being free, but at my current school, I have things that are set in stone and it's hard not being able to change my schedule whenever. But it's day 16. Things will only get better, I suppose.

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