Hey Scrabble Players

Last night, okay it was really early this morning, I was looking up some information for a lesson that I was going to teach. I was looking up words in the English language that do not have any vowels in them. Can you think of any? I couldn't either, that's why I googled the subject.

There are two categories for this subject: words that include "y" and words that do not.

Examples with "y" (for those who don't consider "y" a vowel):
  1. try
  2. my
  3. cry
  4. glyph
  5. hymn
  6. fry
  7. by

Examples without "y" (for those who do consider "y" a vowel):

  1. brrr
  2. mmm
  3. hmm
  4. zzz
  5. psst
  6. grrr

The above are offical Scrabble words. Go forth and play!

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