It was last Saturday night, the kids were in bed and Mr. Bradner was out of town destroying his ears at a woofer/tweeter showdown. I was sitting on the couch and watching the Style channel.

The program is in the category of "reality" and it definitely brings some things to reality. The show is called Sperm Donor: 74 Kids and More. Here's a quick synopsis for you: There is a guy that is engaged to be married that decided to list his donor number on the DSR (guessing Donor Sibling Registry but could be the Dang, Stupid, Really?) page. Then, magically there were 74 kids in his crew!

There are other stories, but I find that the program really focuses on him and his situation. His fiancée is struggling with him wanting to meet some of the donee(?) families.

I get why there needs to be donors. I really do. I think it is a really wonderful thing, but why does everything need to be so complicated? This guy was just trying to get through law school. He said he made up to $900/month. Hell, I'd be a donor too for a little extra spending cash!

The human psyche is so fragile. I can kind of relate to these children on the show just wanting to know their biological father, but that is a huge expectation! I guess he shouldn't have listed his donor number...

There is so much emotional responsibility. If you donate sperm and don't reveal your donor number, will those kids turn out screwed up because every time they come across a fatherly type guy, the question "are you my daddy?" is always going to be running through their head? If you do reveal your donor number, then you open yourself up to children possibly wanting a relationship. What if you don't want a relationship? What's the right thing?

Then you get into the legal stuff. I know there is probably a form contract people sign that releases necessary parties from any monetary obligation, etc. This thought comes to mind though, will someone create a loophole that holds you accountable for being financially responsible for your "sperm kids" in the future? Who can support that many kids?

It just gets my mind to churning when I think about how helpful acts, no matter how selfish and possibly dumb, suddenly turn into more than what they are...a helpful deed.
I honestly don't think I could donate my eggs. It's worrisome enough that I might screw up my own kids. If you donate, you run the risk of screwing up kids twice removed!

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