Who Pissed on the Picnic!?

Saturday was Andrew's annual birthday picnic with his bestie, Dillon. We were out at WYCO Park with family, food and great weather!

This year was a small gathering. Due to extenuating circumstances, Andrew wasn't allowed to invite anyone to his party this year. That didn't stop the fun times, though!

We had the Lego theme again this year. Noel and I we shopping for EVERYTHING the night before the party. Talk about whirlwind! We got all the decorations, the cake and the food between the hours of 6-9...I call that some kind of wonderful! I don't know about Noel, but solidifies my status as a slacker mom.

Here are some pictures of our good times...

The birthday boys: Dillon (center) and Andrew (far right).

The birthday cake! Legos Ninjago...

Aiden, flying a kite for the 1st time.

The Moms having a laugh!

Michelle after the chase. She threw ice cream in Steffon's face and he chased her down and smacked her back with some homemade vanilla! Hahahaha

The Dairy Twins!

Noel pushing canned whipped cream. She was giving shots to everyone!

So, after the kite flying, BBQ and cake eating, present opening, food wars and general goofing, the kiddos started their game of dodgeball. Aiden (little show stealer!) comes up to me and says he has to go potty. I tell him to just go (we are working on untraining him from announcing that he has business in the bathroom). Instead of heading to the restroom, he commences to do the potty dance while walking in circles, holding his little crotchity.

Dad had the brilliant idea to remove his filter from his mouth and say, "you can just go in the grass..." Can you just guess what happened next? That's right!

Aiden Matthew drops his drawers and we all get a squishy tushie shot while he whizzes in the grass! So to end our wonderful day at the park, celebrating the boys' birthdays, Aiden pisses on the picnic!

This is what I have to deal with on the daily when it comes to being the only girl amongst 3 guys. My life is so rough!


wellie78 said...

Ummm...I totally got a picture. I really think we should share!

Kesha :-) said...

That would be great! A picture is worth more words that I can type here!


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