Where's my Robin Hood!?

Each year, I get my mind stuck on something that I really think I want and would use in my classroom. Each year, I spend WAY too much money on my classroom. It's sad when I think about the fact that I have a monthly budget for classroom necessities.

5 years ago, when I first started teaching, I decided I needed an iPod. Why? To hold all the kid approved music and not have to worry about switching CDs. Did I make that happen? Yes! Some of my playlist titles: Math Madness, Reading Readiness, Kiddo Jams, Animated Literacy Songs, Calendar Time, Dr. Jean...etc. I also own a cute, hot pink docking boom box for my hot pink iPod. Buh-bye CDs...

Next, I felt I needed a Cricut for making my own bulletin board letters and cutsy signs and junk. When the Cricut came out, it was pretty expensive for the little personal 8 1/2 X 11 inch paper cutter/designer thingy. Did I make that happen? Yes! Well, actually Mr. Blue Eyes made it happen one Christmas. I completely enjoy making my own stuff. Check out some of my classroom photos. The lettering is really cool!

Other things I've felt I needed: a laptop, pocket digital camera, document projectors...the list is quite endless. Did I get'em...of course! ;-)

Well the latest thing on my list is an iPad2. I absolutely NEED one! Why, you ask? Because I can invision myself doing so many things with it! I am not one of those folks that asks for technology and never uses it. I swear, I'd use it to death! I could see myself making idle minutes at the bathroom more productive by assessing students as they wait for the restroom. Heaven knows that the bathroom situation at Greener Grass Elementary is critical! There is 1 set of restrooms for 250+ learners... Oh, wait, back to the point...I could see my kiddos making their own little stories and just learning and having fun!

We use technology in our classroom...every single day. From the classroom computers, iPod, laptop, Cricut, the Nikon D60... Heck! Even my cell phone. I send buddies to the bathroom. One person to use the restroom and the other to carry my phone and watch the timer.

I like teaching my kinders how to use technology in responsible ways and it makes the classroom more interesting! Just another extension to learning...

So, if you would to donate to Mrs. B's Kinderverse, or you know someone who would, please get in contact with me. I would create a proposal and I'm sure you could write it off on your taxes or something...

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