Time Travel

Has something small ever transported you to another time, another place and made you feel like the person you were?

Last weekend, Arik and I were having a little pre-anniversary celebration with dinner and a movie. On the way to the movie, we stopped in one of my favorite stores - Helzberg Diamond! Arik so graciously bought me some diamond studs and I let him pick out his hellafide, sexy watch! If you couldn't tell, the watch was my little time machine for the night... Here's a picture:

Well, this watch took me back to my twenties. Arik put this watch on and my mind wandered to the time of just "Kesha and Arik." I found myself hanging on his arm and staring at him all googly-eyed! Instantaneously, I felt romance being breathed into the atmosphere... I could feel his body relax and his walk changed. I can't explain how it changed, it just did.

The watch's magical powers continued to this past weekend, too! It was wonderful.
We hung out with some of his friends. We laughed, breathed, loved... It was like we were dating again and I loved it. I loved every minute of it! I loved that he had a playlist on his iPod with just my kind of music. He held my hand during the car ride. He looked at me a different way. This weekend, we weren't mommy and daddy...we were Kesha and Arik.

I am really missing that feeling. What feeling? The feeling that the watch slipped into my heart... I miss the beginning. I want everyday to feel like the beginning. I think this has been long overdue. We don't really take a lot of time to enjoy us as people instead of parents. Don't get me wrong, being a mommy is a magical thing and I don't ever want to lose that feeling. I just want a little more of the giddiness...

So, every time I look at the "ALL ROMANTICAL WATCH," I think of the 1st bouquet of roses Arik ever sent to me and signed the card "to my future wife." I think of the Christmas he gave me the promise ring and the night we both said if felt more like an engagement ring. I think of all the weekends he'd drive 4 hours just to spend the night with me...

I am truely a romantic at heart! Oh, the joys of time travel. So glad Arik has that hot watch to help take me back in an instant.

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