Baltimore and Back

Over spring break, I visited my BFF in Baltimore - Dionna. It was a very nice trip. I didn't have my boys with me... I flew solo.

I went up to 1) visit Dionna and her family and 2) to meet the sequel to her family. She had just had a baby when I got up there.

From Tuesday to Friday, I was engulfed in toddlers, babies, and boobs! It was great! Boobs, you ask? It's NOT what you think...

Dionna is nursing her wee little guy, who's name is Eli. It just got me to thinking about the challenges that I had with trying to nurse Andrew and the celebrations I had when I was able to nurse Aiden.

Aiden is almost 2 1/2 years old. He doesn't need my boobs to survive anymore. He got all the gold when he was younger. So did Drew, for that matter. You know how "da girls" provide a nice little cushion of love for little bits? My boys were constantly cuddling wiht me. Their not-so-tiny heads (lol) resting upon my bosom... Sorry, had a historical fiction moment there...There's no little one in my house that needs that anymore.

I have been feeling a little tug on the fallopian tubes... No worries, I'm not having any babies within the next year or two. It's just I know a lot of women that are having babies right now.

Visiting Dionna and her family gave me a chance to get some of those "need another baby" feelings out of my system. We are NOT in a position to have another child. I love my job and if we had another baby right now, I'd have to quit in order to be able to afford another bundle of joy.

Back to the point of this post, though. My visit to Baltimore.

Even though Dionna just, and I do mean JUST, had a baby, she was up and about showing me some of the sights. Oh, and thanks to Khalid - he was doing his husbandly duty and driving around Ms. Daisy and her kooky friend.

Tuesday - I just got in and hung out at the house. It was nice. They are a cute little family unit...

Wednesday - I hung out with Gabe for a little bit, while Mom and Dad took Eli to his first dr. appointment. I had a HUGE surprise given to me while they were gone... Thanks, Gabe... Later, we went to the mall and I treated Gabe to the "big brother" gift, Eli to a "new to the world" gift and myself to some "sweet feet" relief - new shoes. After the mall, we went to a place that I like to call home - Wal-mart! Picked up a few things and headed out.

Thursday - We visited "The Harbor" and did a little people watching and chatting. I had my first experience at cracking crab legs! It was an interesting activity. Sorry, I didn't get any pictures. Just think about me holding the mallet with my pinky out and use your imagination to fill in the rest.

Friday - It was just errand day. We hung out in the car and talked up a storm. Other than that, we just hung out at home. My flight was leaving at 7:45, so I just hung out. I held the baby a lot and just drank in the atmosphere.

I really had a great time! I feel like Dionna and I excersized our friendship and added some muscle to it. We've always been great friends; since the 4th grade. This trip really just reminded me how great of friends we are...

Anyway, in my downtime, I was playing with the boys or talking with Dionna and Khalid. A nice time away from my guys.

I did make it home...eventually! That is for another day, another post...

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Mrs. H. said...

Glad you had a good time in Boston. Eli is such a cutie. Gabe has gotten to be such a big boy. Don't get too content with holding & playing with baby Eli. Aiden is growing up pretty fast and he'd make a great big brother just like Andrew.


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