Feeling Charmed This Valentine's

These are the 3 new charms that Mr. B bought me for Valentine's Day. I am almost finished filling my charm bracelet. I tried to get a full picture, but I couldn't get the pic to copy correctly. Oh, wait! I took a picture with my camera! Here's the full view of my bracelet:

The charms symbolize many different things. There's birthstones for my boys, a BFF charm, candy apple red for being a teacher, yin yang for the biculturalism that is going on in our family, XOs for hugs and kisses, and ones that I just think are really groovy!

In addition to the charms, he had a bouquet of flowers sent to the school on Friday. Here's some pix...

It's so nice that he does that. It's not just because I like it, but because he knows the children get a kick out of their teacher getting flowers at school. They oooh and ahhh every Valentine's Day and my birthday. When I was working in the corporate world, it was our anniversary, too.

My Valentine's Day was a great one. Arik and I got to go out (thanks, Michelle) for some light shopping, dinner @ Backfire BBQ and a movie. It was the longest date we have had in a while...


Erica Simmons said...

Oh how sweet! I am so happy for you two:)

Mrs. H. said...

Kudos Arik. Glad you guys had a real date and enjoyed yourselves.


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