New Hobby

Okay, so it's been awhile since I have blogged. School had started and we've had our 1st parent/teacher conferences. My class is so driving me nuts! It's insane.

Here's my class make-up:

25 boys and girls
Of those 25, 20 of them are talkers
of those 20, maybe 6 like to exhibit lazy-like qualities
of those 6, 3 of them are crazy
And that is what's making me want to sign up for Alcoholics Anonymous!

I swear, people! The first freakin' day of school . . . I had to have an impromptu P/T conference! Not to mention these kids have Energizer batteries that keep their mouths going NON-STOP! The hallway, during learning time, while using the bathroom!

So, I am looking into making AA a hobby for this year. I figure, if I just join the club before the drinking gets out of control, it'll be easier to quit once the year is over. Whatdaya think?

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Shelly said...

Lol! That's too funny. They keep you on your toes!


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