Meet Me In St. Louis - Pt. 1

It was St. Louis or bust this past weekend with my bestie, Noel. We decided that a girls weekend was in store. All the children stayed home with the daddy's and we boarded a train bound for THE LOU! Noel's Hubby drove us to Union Station. Can we just say he needs to join the INDY 500 circuit?! We made it there in the nick of time. Thanks, John!

Noel and I grab our tickets and hang out in the waiting area for them to call our train. We each had 2 bags. It was really amazing the LACK of security. No one checked out bags, so I could have taken my glock, pepper spray, and machete. No one would have known. . . . We didn't have to go through a metal detector or anything! Just got right on the train, we did. ***So, make a little note. If you decide to take the train, just know there there are probably terrorist aboard with you. They could get ANYTHING aboard the train in their 2 carry on bags.***

So, on the train we had a $24 linner (lunch/dinner combo) in the Cafe car. Turkey Sandwiches, apple juice, and sweets (muffins and cinnomon rolls). Crazy to spend so much, but we forgot to bring snacks of our own and hadn't eaten since breakfast that morning. We chalked it up to "part of the experience." For $24, I thought I should commemorate the experience with a couple photos:

There were hardly any passengers in our car the whole way there. But, we did run into these two characters at one of the stops. How about the train pulled into the depot, but the guys were on the WRONG side of the train... What did they do? They crawl UNDER the train to get to the right side! Insanity, right? I told Noel that if they come to our car, I would just have to give them a piece of my mind for being so stupid. Well, come to find out, they were in our car and their stupidity was on account of they had a couple pitchers of beer before the train came... Here's a picture of Tweedle Dumb and Dumber:

They did end up entertaining us some of the way there. They talked about random crap. It was funny to listen to them slur their words and watch them take cans of Bud Light Lime out of their duffel bag (which should have had clothes instead) and just drink, drink, drink! They told us to meet them at Mike Shannon's for some kick-a$$ party after the Cardinals game Friday night. In the picture, they are demonstrating the "bat signal" we were to use to get into the party. We needed to flash the Anheuser-Busch sign underneath a wing, because that is what they were going to do, take us under their wings... Good times!

We took and cab to the hotel and got rooked! The cabbie over charged us and took a craptacular way to the hotel. Whatever! It was part of the experience. Here are pictures of the view from our hotel balcony.

We were on the 22nd floor of the Crowne Plaza Hotel - Downtown. It was a king suite. Very nice. We stayed up, mapping out the plans for the next day. On the schedule were - the Brewery tour, Science Center, DeMar Loop, the Jewel Box, Turtle Playground, Ted Drewes Frozen Custard, Fitz's Bottling Works, and more.

Stay tuned for Meet Me In St. Louis - Day 2...


Desiree said...

How fun! Girls weekends are a must for maintaining sanity - good for you!

Mrs. H. said...

Sounds like you ladies enjoyed yourselves. Good for you!


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