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Okay. I am just sitting here typing this and I am fuming out my ears. I just want to set myself on FIRE!

About a half hour ago, I got up to go and use the restroom. I try to use the restroom after the children have gone to bed so that I don't have to worry about someone trying to show me something or a certain little one banging on the door and wailing his little monkey head off. Usually, my restroom time is after 8 pm, but tonight Andrew had to go to bed early for trying to sneak his Nintendo DS to school. I digress....

Anyway, I get up and walk to the restroom and open the door. I lift the toilet seat up and what do I see? A humongous, A$$ turd in the toilet. The water is all brown and crap. There is a turd the size of YOUR forearm in there. Yes, YOUR forearm. I don't need to see how big your forearm is because that's how big it was!

Me: ANDREW!!!!!!!! You didn't tell anyone you stopped up the toilet!

D: I got in the shower. I was taking a shower...

Me: I am just so pissed. I get tired of this every day! You bout to take care
of this. I ain't got time for this! You get a plastic bag and you are going to
take care of this!

D: What do you want me to do with this?

K: Put your hand inside it, reach in the toilet and break that $hit up! If
you are going to hold this in all day, come home and stop up the toilet then YOU
are going to be the one to unstop the it! I ain't got time for this! And let me
tell you, if you splash crap all over the toilet, I will kick you in your eye!
(I know a mom shouldn't say that, but this happens EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!!!!!!). YOU need to start using the toilet at
school. Quit holding it until you get home and then stopping up the toilet!

D: I don't like the school bathroom...

Me: I don't care! I get so tired of having to use the restroom and then walk
and see your crap! Just NASTY!

So Andrew commences to reach in and break up the turd. When he gets done,
I tell him to turn the bag inside out, tie it up, out it in another bag, throw
it away and wash his hands. Then, I told him it was time for bed.

As he went off to bed, I stood in the bathroom with the plunger for about
15 minutes trying to unstop the toilet. I get so frustrated I leave the bathroom
and sit down to start writing this blog.

Just in case you are wondering, I still haven't used the restroom. I don't know what I'm going to do - QuikTrip, the backyard maybe. I don't know. My bladder is about to burst!

Sometimes, I just wish that someone would come and raise Andrew until he turns 17. The way he is acting is getting to be such an annoyance! We butt heads about EVERYTHING! He thinks he is grown and doesn't have to follow the rules in this house and it drives me insane! Maybe I should call SuperNANNY...

This is why I don't want to teach children in grades 3 and above. I just can't handle the madness! Really. I feel like I am losing my mind when it comes to Andrew. What is a girl to do? Anyone have a 9, almost 10 year old out there with some pointers? Please send me a message.


Anyway, I am about to go back in here and get to plunging...

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Anonymous said...

That reminds me of some of my younger years....I'd have to get the hanger and go at it sometimes. But I was too ashamd to let anyone see it so I hurried up and took care of it. I guess it just another one of those differences between boys and girls. I don't know what to tell you 'cuz you got one waiting in the wings too. My condolences!


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