So, some friends of ours invited us to the Bahamas with them at the beginning of October. It's a really great price and it's been a while since Arik and I have been on a vacation (w/o the children). I think the last time we were on vacation alone was when Andrew was in kindergarten. That was like January 2004 or something...

I am just really concerned with the budget cuts in education. Things are not looking good right now and they won't be looking better any time soon. You may think, "hey, you're a teacher. Teachers are always needed. Stop worrying about your job. You are set for life. Supply and demand."

But, those thoughts aren't completely accurate. They have to make cuts somewhere and why keep beginnging teachers when there are so many veterans in the system? I know I'm not completely a "green" teacher. This is my 3rd year, but I still feel new. Still learning all the ropes, still getting my footing.

I might not have a job come August 2009. I think positive and everything. I'm darned good at what I do, but sometimes the veteran gets the gold prize-even if they suck. My principal assured me that she would fight for me if for some reason it came down to 3rd year teachers getting the ax. I am comforted by that, but when it's all said and done, the Board of Education has the final say...

So, here I am debating on planning this week long vacation in the middle of the school year and feeling a little guilty about that. I get 3 months for summer, winter break and spring break to vacation. Is it really fair of me to take time during the school year? I'm torn.

Arik asked me if I was going to teach summer school this year to accumulate spending cash for the trip. I'm not sure there'll be summer school this year. Like I said, cuts have to come from somewhere...

So, should I stay or should I go? Bahamas sounds really fun! I'm always yearning for some double date action, couples friends, you know - parents and playdates. It's not like we don't have the funds, I just want to make sure we have enough funds to get through the whole year.

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