Tree Decorating Time!

We were a little late this year decorating our tree. I mean REALLY late. We did it on the eve of Christmas eve. It's a fake tree. We got it about 4-5 years ago when we got Ginger and didn't want her to die from eating pine needles. It came in handy again this year with Mr. Aiden running around the joint. No needled to prick his little tootsies.

So, here we are decorating the tree. Arik is the photographer and the ornament passer-outer. Andrew is an old pro at decorating the tree. Aiden on the other hand, had his own plan. If there was an ornament that he took a liking too, he would put it on the tree then take it right back off and RUN as if his life depended on it! It was a very funny sight.
So, the tree was put up and the presents (already wrapped and waiting) had a home. I also put up a Christmas tree at my grandfather's house. The past few years, we have congregated over there on Christmas Eve and awaited Santa's arrival. Pa-paw really enjoys having a full house for a night. He gets to watch his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren open their gifts and bask in the joy and love radiating from our very beings.

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