Black Friday Madness

Well, just like every year, Noel and I ventured out during all the craziness early Friday morning. Michelle was in town and was able to go with us again this year.

Here's the lowdown -
It's 3:30 am, Shell and I are getting ready to go. Basically, you sleep in your clothes, wake up and brush your teeth, then you are out the door!

We picked up Noel and headed off to Target. Well, they didn't open until 6 am and we had a whole hour to spare. So, we jotted over to Wal-Mart.

BIG mistake, HUGE! There were oodles of people there. When we arrived (about 6-10 minutes after they unwrapped the deals), there were already people walking out into the parking lot with scads of flat screen tellies and other electronic junk.

The people were so rude. I actually got ran over with a shopping cart. There wasn't an excuse me or anything. The person just kept rolling right over me. I had skid marks on my face for the rest of the day. It was bananas!

We stood in line for about an hour. Checked out and headed over to Target. It was much nicer over there. After Target, we headed to Kohl's and found a couple deals. After Kohl's we had breakfast at IHOP - it was tasty good! Then, we headed to Old Navy and spent oodles of money there. After that, we headed back to the Dotte and stopped at JCP for some deals.

It was about 12ish when we got done with our madness. It was fun, though. We always have a great time because we don't go with expectations. We look over the ads and get a general idea of things we might want, but we don't stress if we don't get what we want. The fun is just the thrill of being out in the RAT RACE and trying to navigate through the insanity.
We got tons of loot for Christmas gifts and for ourselves. Mission Successful! Enjoy the pictures...

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