Andrew is reading? On purpose?!?

Well, I don't know what came over Andrew last night, but he was a reading fool! Yesterday evening he read like 3 books. It was amazing!

If you know Drew, you know that he really doesn't like to read. We don't know why; he's a good reader. One of the ingenious ways we get him to read is he has to read for 20 minutes and then he can play the Wii for an hour. It works, but one of the things I noticed lately was that he wasn't asking to play the Wii too often, therefore he wasn't reading as often.

One of the things that may have sparked his interest last night was he was invited to have lunch with the superintendent on Friday, Oct. 24th. Over the summer he read over 1500 pages for the Summer Readers Achievers Program through the school.

It was MURDER getting him to read, but after a while he was into it. I reallly played up Aiden and how many books we were reading to him. The library was doing a program and Aiden got BUG BUCKS to spend on things in the BUG BOUTIQUE (books, clothes, toys, etc.). Andrew started wanting to participate to surpass Aiden with BIG BUCKS.

So, anyway, he was really excited that he was invited to eat with the superintendent. He was the only person in his class that was selected. I think this may be the beginning of a 180* with Mr. Drew. I'm super excited!

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