Happy Birthday, Caleb!

(Caleb is the cutie in the red shirt.)

Well, we celebrated Caleb's 5th birthday on september 20th. The whole family was able to join in the festivities (Arik is usually the one not present). We had a good time at Caleb's Transformer themed party. Andrew got to play with Dillon, Talia and Caleb. They played video games and rough-housed around.

It took me a minute to realize that Aiden thought he was a part of the shinanigans! He was on the floor with his controller that wasn't attached to anything and he was crawling and rolling around with the others. It was a very cute sight to see!

In addition to getting the chance to hang with the big kiddos, Aiden was able to practice his cake eating skills for his 1st birthday celebration. He did a darn good job getting that cake into his mouth.

We also had a family dinner with the Rowlands the next day. We had Arik's delicious brisket, his pepper poppers, cheesy hashbrown casserole, corn on the cob and Noel's chocolate chip cookies. We watched a movie while the children entertained themselves in the yard with and large exercise ball (they are so creative, those children).

Last weekend was a nice weekend for family time. Plus, the Bradner house got a nice cleaning because company was coming over. . . Arik was appreciative of that little bit to the weekend.

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